Updated: Delaware gas prices roar past $3 a gallon

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The days of $3 a gallon gas were short-lived at many Delaware stations.

According to AAA, the price at the pump jumped nearly 12 cents over a two-day period ending Thursday.

Average prices will continue to rise, with Wawa posting a $2.30 a gallon figure at many of its stations.

The run-up came despite no major change in crude oil prices.

Prices still lower than national figure


Delaware’s gas price was still about a dime lower than the national average gas price.

Gas prices have been rising this week nationwide as the nation’s strategic reserve fell to a low level.

President Biden has been criticized by Republicans for tapping into reserve in an effort to aid moderate-income families who are more affected by higher gas prices. GOP critics claim Biden’s actions haven’t lowered gas prices.

The administration this month indicated it will begin to replenish the reserve, an action that could lead to higher prices.

Delaware average gas prices

Current Avg.$3.064$3.488$3.751$4.691
Yesterday Avg.$3.049$3.456$3.693$4.706
Week Ago Avg.$2.983$3.455$3.746$4.803
Month Ago Avg.$3.549$4.020$4.336$5.710
Year Ago Avg.$3.275$3.669$3.906$3.582
From AAA

AAA’s Fuel Price Finder showed the apparent lowest price at a Costco station at Christiana Mall, which was charging $2.80 a gallon for regular. For now, Costco remained steady, while the two biggest sellers, Royal Farms and Wawa, believed to be the largest gas retailers in the state, boosted their prices to $3.09 a gallon in many locations, an increase of 15 cents a gallon in some cases