From WHYY: Musk cracks jokes, reflects on ‘multi-planetary life’ during testimony at Chancery trial over massive Tesla pay package

Elon Musk

By Cris Barrish

Elon Musk mused for several minutes earlier this week about an array of techno and metaphysical topics.

The world’s richest man reflected on how his Tesla electric car company began with a luxury sports car before embarking on a lower-cost, high-production sedan.

Musk bemoaned how “tragic’’ it was that before Tesla achieved success in recent years, other electric car companies had failed and the automotive industry had been reluctant to build non-gasoline vehicles.

He even waxed poetically about his vision of “making life multi-planetary to ensure the long-term survival of consciousness.”


But the Tesla CEO — who also heads the SpaceX exploration enterprise and last month paid $44 billion for social media giant Twitter — wasn’t giving a lecture at a university, doing an interview with a reporter, or filming a video to share with his millions of followers.

Instead, he was testifying in a Delaware Chancery Court case with tens of billions of dollars at stake.

The topic of the case?

Whether Musk exerted undue influence on the Tesla board in 2018 before receiving a compensation grant now tied to market valuations that is now valued at upwards of $55 billion. The suit was brought by a Tesla shareholder.

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