UDairy Creamery recalls some ice cream flavors

University of Delaware photo

UDairy Creamery has been informed by a supplier of what it described as a “potential ingredient quality issue” in select ice cream products. 

The creamery is advising customers to dispose of any potentially affected products. These include pints and half gallons of ice cream marked with the lot codes noted below. The containers were sold at the South College Avenue store in Newark between July 14, 2022 and July 24, 2022. UDairy Creamery can be reached at udairycreamery@udel.edu or 302-831-0999 for a refund. 

No injuries or illnesses have been reported to date.


Flavors affected

Delaware River Mud Pie: Lot #220714

Tona Toffee: Lot #220717

All Nighter: Lot #220718

Mint Chocolate Chip: Lot #220718

Cookies & Cream: Lot #220719

Cookie Dough Dynamite: Lot #220719

Vanilla: Lot #220720

Blissful Bing Cherry: Lot#220719

Butter Pecan: Lot #220721

Peanut Cocoa Loco: Lot #220722

Raspberry Cheesecake: Lot #220722

Mint n’ Cookies: Lot #220722

Lot codes can be found near the container’s bar codes.

The creamery’s Newark location is closed, but is expected to reopen toward the end of the week.

UDairy Creamery sells ice cream with milk coming from the University of Delaware’s dairy herd. UDairy is part of the University of Delware College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.