Delaware finishes 1st in state internet speed ranking


Delaware edged out New Jersey and recorded the highest average internet speeds in the nation. That’s according to

According to the report, Delaware’s average internet download speed is 145.8 Mbps – enough for streaming video in UHD on multiple screens, downloading files quickly, and allowing gaming online with multiple players.

The state’s high-speed internet providers, Comcast, Verizon FiOS, Mediacom, and Breezeline (formerly Atlantic Broadband) have ramped up speeds. That’s good news for business and residential customers who increasingly operate multiple devices and WiFi networks.

Programs from cable companies that offer reduced rates for lower-income families have also boosted speeds.

Virginia and Maryland were other states ranking in the top five in broadband speeds. The state with the slowest Internet speed was West Virginia, followed by sparsely populated Montana and Wyoming.


The State of Delaware has also launched a program to bring high-speed broadband access to all areas of the state. The initial focus will be on building out existing broadband cable TV-data networks beyond their current territories into less populated areas outside their service boundaries. In addition, federal funds are being used to connect the areas that have not been deemed to be profitable by cable providers.

The approach has generated some criticism since it subsidizes private companies. However, defenders say it is the most cost-effective way to widen broadband access.

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HighSpeedInternet’s results include speed tests during a period from February 1, 2021, to March 9, 2022, and include 2,733 cities. The report required a minimum of 100 separate speed tests. Filtered out were incomplete, duplicate, and cellular phone data.

HighSpeedInternet lists Internet providers and their speed options in communities around the nation.