James Lee’s ‘Caffeinated Market Timing’ investment model wins national honor


Investment advisor and professional futurist James Lee has been named a winner of the nationwide 2021 NAAIM Active Investing Strategy Competition by the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

Lee, founder of Wilmington-based Strategic Foresight Investments (StratFI) took first place in the equity-focus strategies category.
Lee’s StratFI Caffeinated Market Timing model tracked various calendar and historical cyclical effects while demonstrating strong results over five years.

The strategy combines risk management with investing when the S&P 500 index has a greater than normal chance of generating gains. Conversely, it stays in cash when the prospects of generating gains are below average.

StratFI Caffeinated Market Timing is currently ranked #1 out of over 450+ strategies in its category on the Morningstar SMA database (five-year trailing performance).
“I did something different, something that most investors don’t even think is possible,” said Lee. “Market timing is real, and it can be a useful tool in managing exposure to risk.”
The NAAIM competition consisted of two phases: qualifying round with a panel of judges; final round of presentations by three finalists to a virtual audience. Each finalist had nine minutes to present their strategy, followed by 15 minutes of questions from the judges and audience. The judges’ and audiences’ ratings determined the winners.
“I’m super excited to receive this recognition from NAAIM,” said Lee. “The finalists delivered remarkable presentations. It was an unusual opportunity to be judged by my peers in the investment industry.”
NAAIM is an organization whose purpose is to establish active investment management as the preeminent principle used in helping investors achieve their financial goals.
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