Plastic bag bill narrowly passes Senate


A bill that would ban virtually all  plastic bags is going to the governor after passing the State Senate by a razor-thin  11-10 vote.

Both Democrats and Democrats voted against the bill, which comes just six months after original bill that banned one-used plastic bag went into effect.

The original  bill was widely praised, given the low recycling rate for single-use bags and their ability to make their way into trees, roadsides and waterways.

Critics claimed the six months was not a sufficient period of time to determine the impact of the original bill. They also cited the environmental impact of paper bags that would be used by many who did not want to buy or use the cloth  bags permitted under the new bill.

Sponsors contended that  the change was needed to correct a loophole in the bill that allowed the thicker plastic bags, which can be used more than 100 times, according to manufacturers.

The new bill goes beyond plastic bag bans in states like California.

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