Newark-based Connect Delaware combines with Exclusive Search Connection to form Talent-Connect

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Connect Delaware, Newark, merged with Exclusive Search Connections and became Talent-Connect.

Kevin Cameron, who founded Exclusive Search Connections in 2015 and Connect Delaware in 2016, said he realized this opportunity as Connect Delaware expanded into new markets and as dual-career search became a growing aspect of the business.

Connect Delaware helps clients recruit talent by focusing on the personal relocation needs of job candidates and new hires, particularly in STEM fields.

Cameron decided that combining the job search and concierge service elements of his two companies made sense.

“This merger follows our brand logic – to help our clients be better. We can do this now via search, outplacement, connect and partner placement,” Cameron said.

In addition to the company’s headquarters in Delaware, Talent-Connect is now serving clients in Boston; Austin, TX, Philadelphia and Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, FL.
The expansion is the result of organic growth with existing corporate clients who have operations in multiple cities.
“We are extremely excited about growing with our clients and to be able to continue a high-level concierge service program in our new locations,” Camron said. “Our team is assisting both entry-level college graduates and senior level recruits acclimate to their new home. Talent-Connect’s services are truly tailored to the individual. We find that providing career support for the partner or spouse of our client’s targeted job candidate is a strong positive in getting the candidate to accept the position. It’s all about helping the entire family.”
Talent-Connect’s process involves an interview with each new hire or candidate to determine their specific priorities, which may include buying a home, networking within the community, recommendations on outdoor activities, area restaurants and other specific needs.
“Our role is to help our clients on-board top talent and improve employee retention. Companies recognize that salary, benefits, and all the perks associated with a job offer are only part of the recruitment picture. Lifestyle and the needs of the entire family are extremely important as well, Cameron stated. ” “Now that we have a successful model in place, my goal is to bring new Talent-Connect ambassadors on board to grow in other parts of the country.”
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