Handgun permitting and high capacity magazine ban passed by Senate

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Bills requiring a permitting process. for handguns and a ban on high-capacity magazines passed the Delaware Senate on Thursday.

The handgun bill passed with modifications that dealt with the amount of time law enforcement can retain a record on a transfer of a gun. The modified bill spelled out an appeals process if a gun permit is denied. Delaware requires buyers in private transactions to undergo a background check.

The legislation requires an individual getting a handgun card to take a training course, similar for those who hold concealed weapon permits.

The measures passed by a 13-8 vote. All Republicans senators voted against the bill and were joined by Democrat Bruce Ennis. Opponents lost two potential votes last year when two GOP incumbents

Opponents argued that the measure limits First Amendment Rights.

Opponents have been able to limit gun control legislation in the state, with the help of First Amendment activists who staged demonstrations. With the General Assembly meeting virtually, those moves would not have made an impact.

The measure goes to the House. If the history of such legislation, even if the bills pass, a legal battle will be waged by opponents.

Delaware was once ranked asthe fifth easiest place in the nation to buy a gun.

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