State reports nearly 87,511 Covid-19. vaccinations

Staff at the Delaware Hospital for the Chronically Ill receive vaccine.

On Wednesday, The Delaware Division of Public Health’s vaccination tracker  on Wednesday reported  87,511 Covid-19 vaccinations with 120,850 doses shipped, 87,511 doses administered and 33,339 doses remaining.

About 24,000 additional doses were received this week, above the quantity reported in recent weeks.  That helped to boost available doses that were were becoming  scarce after the weekend events.

Click here for the state’s Vaccine Tracker.

Second doses of vaccine are now being administered to those in Group 1A, which includes health care workers and some first responders. Some in 1A have been concerned about not being scheduled for second doses. 

The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that upwards of 12,000  Delawareans have received second vaccine doses.


The latest  numbers reflect a vaccination “sprint” that administered 11,500 doses over the weekend at Delaware DMV sites. Vehicle back-ups, computers that did not like cold weather and other issues that surfaced on Saturday were largely corrected on Sunday.

The state has moved into  the  1B vaccination phase, a category that  covers  200,000 residents, including those over age  65 and some essential workers. 

Delaware, like other states, has been receiving fewer doses than initially projected.

The Biden Administration announced it will purchase another  200 million doses – 100 million apiece from Moderna and Prizer/BioNTech.  The administration also announced it will give governors more advance notice on the amount of vaccine to be shipped while boosting shipment volume by 20 percent.