Biden plans speedier rolling out of Covid vaccines with feds not holding back 2nd doses


President-elect Joe Biden wants to speed up the coronavirus vaccine delivery, the Associated Press and other media outlets reported.

The current policy calls for the federal government to hold back the second dose.

States have complained about a lack of clarity on the number of doses to be shipped, with final estimates looming below initial indicates.

Delaware officials previously indicated that some doses had been held back due to the possibility of lagging shipping times.

“We would support distributing all doses available with the confidence that future supply will support the second doses,” a spokesman from the state’s coronavirus information center stated.

The announcement did bring concern from people worried that the second dose would not be available if delays occur.

Both the Pfizer/BioN/Tech and Moderna vaccines require two doses.

As of Friday, 21,814 doses out of a total of 53,650 had been administered in Delaware vaccinations. The first people to receive the vaccine are expected to receive the second dose in the coming weeks.

The state has picked up vaccinations’ pace, with two out of three days seeing more than 2,000 inoculations.

Vaccinations are currently going to frontline healthcare workers, EMTs, police, and long-term care workers and staff.

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