Percentage of positive Covid-19 tests continues to increase

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Delaware continues to see an increase in daily coronavirus cases

The Delaware Division of Public Health Wednesday reported 112 new positive cases of Covid-19 as of Tuesday night.

Nine and one-half percent of people tested positive in the seven-day rolling average (up four-tenths of a percent from the previous day) and 3.7 percent of total tests were positive in the seven-day average (up two-tenths of a percent from the previous day).

Delaware has stepped up testing, which can drive up case numbers. However state officials would like to see the number of positive cases dip below 100.

The increase in cases has been seen throughout the region.

The widely followed Johns Hopkins report shows Delaware with a positive rate of 4.3 percent, with neighboring Pennsylvania at 13.8, New Jersey at 4.3 and Maryland at 3.2. South Dakota posted a 50.6 percent figure while Hawaii was at 1.7.

The percentage of total tests accounts for people who have been tested more than once.

No new deaths reported, keeping Delaware’s total number of COVID-related deaths at 712.

Total hospitalizations were 114, up seven from the previous day, including 28 in critical condition. The level of hospitalizations had been in the 50 range during the summer.

Hospitalizations are a lagging indicator of an uptick in cases, which has continued throughout the fall.

For more data, including breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, ZIP code or census tract level:

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