Biden says he will prevail as votes are tallied in battleground states


Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden called for all votes to be counted and predicted that he will prevail in the Electoral College battle.

Biden, accompanied by Vice Presidental running-mate Kamala Harris, stopped short of declaring himself the winner.

Biden made the statement late Wednesday afternoon after a large motorcade, complete with a motorcycle escort and ambulance, whisked the former Vice President and Sen. Harris to the Chase Center on the Riverfront.

(Photo by Sean O’Sullivan, via Facebook)

blankThe small Biden press pool has been staked out in Wilmington as the vote count continues. If Biden can hold leads in Arizona and Nevada, he would have enough votes to win the electoral college.

As of early Thursday afternoon, media coverage seemed to tilt in the direction of Biden on the cusp of winning the electoral college.

The focus remains on the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania where mail-in votes are still being counted, and Biden has moved within striking distance of Trump. Georgia also remains in play.

Due to the narrow margins in all states, recounts are likely.

President Donald Trump had made a victory declaration early Wednesday while also pushing for a halt to counting votes.

Signs of unrest were apparent Wednesday night as Trump supporters approached vote tabulation offices in some areas, with marches held in Philadelphia and elsewhere demanding that every vote be counted.

Trump has long alleged without proof that election fraud has been taking place.

The Trump campaign filed court actions in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania over voting.

Biden is clinging to narrow leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada, with vote counting going down to Pennsylvania’s wire.

Biden also said that he would govern not as a Democrat but as an American president and work to unite the country.

Click here for the video of Biden’s remarks from C-Span.

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