President-Elect Joe Biden


Television network election desks have declared former Vice President and U.S. Sen. Joe Biden is president-elect.

The call was made after it was determined that Biden, who was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in Delaware, appeared to be winning by a margin that would not require a recount in Pennsylvania.

Biden, who made attempts to run for president that ended early, triumphed after a shaky start to a campaign that in the early going had nearly two-dozen Democratic candidates.

Vice President-Elect is California U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris, the first vice president of Jamaican and Indian descent.

Biden issued the following via Twitter. He called for unity.

Harris and Biden are expected to address the nation tonight outside the Chase Center on the Riverfront.

Biden, a University of Delaware graduate, was first elected to the U.S. Senate at age 29. A traffic accident near Hockessin claimed the life of his wife and daughter and severely injured sons Hunter and Beau.

He became known as “Amtrak Joe” for his daily trips to and from Washington, D.C. to be with his family.

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings issued the following:

“In America, the people — not the courts, not politicians, not the media — choose our leaders, and the people have clearly spoken.

While some votes are still being counted, several outlets have determined that Joe Biden’s lead in Pennsylvania is insurmountable and that he will be the next President of the United States. I’m delighted for Joe; I’m happier for America. Joe Biden will be a president guided by justice and fairness for all; who governs in the interests of his entire country, not the wealthiest few; and who is dedicated to healing a suffering nation.

After an orderly and civil voting process,the task now before us is to once again effectuate the peaceful transfer of power that has been a hallmark of our democracy for centuries. Then, together, we all need to get to work.”

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