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Good afternoon,

Let’s face it. We have one big story today as Delawareans flock to the polls.

Here are some options for political junkies or others who want more of a local focus when the polls close.

When it comes to the legacy media, WDEL will offer election coverage, but it won’t be the same this year. Long-time election night anchor Allan Loudell passed away in 2020, not that long after being let go at the station owned by Pennsylvania-based Forever Media.

DelawareOnline (News Journal) is also offering continuous online coverage but does not seem to have an online program slated for later in the evening. Cost cuts and changes in philosophy have shrunk its once ambitious video effort that even included a newscast at one point.

Central and southern Delaware will see more localized TV coverage from Salisbury-based stations that cover Delmarva.

Philadelphia and Baltimore stations and the national media will make Delaware’s passing mentions, especially if the state is declared as an early win for Delaware’s Joe Biden. Word has it that Delaware will see few delays in tabulating ballots since it has been processing mail-in and absentee votes.

We have seen surprisingly long lines at the polls today, which could lead to a trickle of results later in the evening. (See above story)

Election Central, a University of Delaware’s election-night tradition since 2008 (the year the Biden-Obama ticket won the election, will offer an online look at the results and what comes next).

Participants fromUD’sStudent Television Network, The Review,student newspaper/website, andDelaware Public Media(radio and digital) will join the live Zoom webinar to discuss voter turnout, talk with first-time voters, share political humor, and hear what members ofGenerationZ think about the future.

Click here to sign up for the Zoom event.

Panels of faculty experts and students will discuss polling, managing stress, female voters, and what to expect after election day.

The new DelawareLive online venture bankrolled by Delaware Shoprite supermarket executive Chris Kenny will be on hand to stream or post-election night coverage. To date, DelawareLive has snapped up a trio of online news and sports sites in the state.

In addition to results, the site will feature interviews with Democratic and Republican Party leaders and former News Journal editorial page editor John Sweeney.

Kenny will also be on hand wearing his other hat, co-founder of A Better Delaware public policy group. Also appearing will be its Executive Director, Zoe Callaway. A Better Delaware is a critic of the state’s business and tax climate.

At Delaware Business Now, we will keep things simple and will post updates of state election results.

It can’t be said too often. If you haven’t done so already, vote. It could be a long night as we await results that may require a few cups of coffee or perhaps an adult beverage of your choice. Stay safe. This newsletter returns tomorrow:– Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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