Jobless claims continue to decline in state


Delaware has moved into the top 15 when it comes to a decline in jobless claims.

The weekly report from the WalletHub financial information website listed Delaware 13th in the decline of jobless claims on a weekly basis.

The number of jobless claims fell by about 300 last week, according to the weekly report from the U.S. Department of Labor.

The First State ranked 20th in the decline of jobless claims since the pandemic shut down businesses in March.

Source: WalletHub

States that opened early tended to show the slowest decline in jobless rates.

Among early opening states, Florida ranked 49th, with Georgia at 50th. Florida was forced to close bars and restrict other businesses after a summer outbreak of Covid-19.

Exceptions to the rule were California, which opened slowly, but saw outbreaks in the southern part of the state and Hawaii, which has seen an uptick in cases, despite reopening at a slow pace.

Economists are cautioning that layoffs could be on the way in travel-related industries, with Amtrak announcing 2,000 furloughs and as many as 19,000 at American Airlines.

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