A Better Delaware public policy group forming political action committee


ABetter Delaware announced the formation of A Better Delaware PAC (Political Action Committee) to expand their advocacy efforts in 2020 campaigns.

A Better Delaware describes itself as “nonpartisan, pro-business, pro-jobs group that also promotes more accountability andtransparency in Delaware government.”

“We must apply pressure at the grassroots level. We must educate legislators in the state House,” says founder Chris Kenny. “But we will never see real change if we keep sending the same anti-taxpayer, anti-business lawmakers back to Dover, and we must protect legislative allies who understand what makes for a stronger economy.”

According to a release, A Better Delaware (ABD)was launchedlast yearin response to the direction our state was headeddue to decisions made byour lawmakersin Dover.

Kenny stated that he “believes thestate lacked a voice for taxpayers and small businesses,and recognized thattheFirst State wasfar from firstwhen it came to economic, business, and employment rankings nationally. In fact, Delaware was consistently in the bottom for fiscal stability, employment, business climate,andtax rates.”

A Better Delaware has commented on issues related to Delaware’s business climate, transparency in government, taxes, and the healthcare Certificate of Need process. In less than a year, it has gained a following on Facebook of nearly 10,000 people.

A Better Delaware PAC will use direct voter contact during the campaign season to ensure the election of pro-taxpayer, pro-business, good government candidates, a release stated.

“For too long, Delaware campaigns have been dominated by special interests who stand to benefit from more government spending at the expense of taxpayers,” said Kenny. “ABD PAC will be a counterweightthat backs candidates who putDelaware first.”

A Better Delaware was formed by Kenny, CEO of the Delaware Shoprite chain and Ben duPont, co-owner of the DuPont Country Club.

This year Kenny acquired the Milford Now and TownSquare Delaware digital media properties. Also launched was Delaware Now, which uses TownSquare and MifordNow content and offers a Sunday facsimile newspaper. FormerNews Journaleditor Betsy Price serves as editor/writer.

Kenny also launched his own web page, with all of the above activities spurring speculation that he was running for governor. That did not happen.

A Better Delaware shares some of the ideological space occupied by the Caesar Rodney Institute, a Glasgow-based public policy group. Both groups have been critical of the actions of a state government that has been headed by Democrats in recent decades.

Democrats now hold a lead over Republicans in voter registration. In northern Delaware, moderate Republicans have fought to hang on to their legislative seats.

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