Sunday coronavirus report: 84 people test positive for coronavirus


In its Sunday report, the Delaware Division of Public Health reported 13,519 new cases of coronavirus, up 84 from the previous day.

Figures were gathered at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

About 14.5 percent of the state’s population has been tested.

The number of deaths remained unchanged at 523.


In its Saturday update, the Delaware Division of Public Health reported 74 new cases of coronavirus.

The number of deaths rose by two in recent days to 523.

The rate of positive cases to tests fell to 3.4 percent, well below the 5 percent that can trigger 14-day quarantine orders for Delaware travelers going to New York, York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The figures were compiled at 6 p.m. Friday.

Friday report

In its Friday report the Delaware Division of HealthDelaware reported 134 new positive coronavirus cases (revised) bringing the total to 13,337.

The information comes from results compiled at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

An additional 107 positive cases were attached to previous days because of a delay in reporting by the lab. The additional cases are believed to tied to a Covid-19 outbreak at the Sussex Correctional Institution, Georgetown.

The rate of positive tests fell to 3.3 percent.

The number of people in critical condition due to the virus has dropped to seven.

Thursday report

The Covid-19 data summary in Delaware as of Wednesday, July 15 is as follows:

  • Delaware reported 63 new positive cases bringing the total to 13,114.
  • 4.2% who tested positive;
  • 50 current hospitalizations (-1 from the previous day), including 8 people who are in critical condition.

Wednesday report

The Delaware Division of Health reported three additional coronavirus deaths. The total number of deaths now stands at 521.

The state reported 81 new positive cases bringing the total to 13,050.

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Information is also available below in an interactive dashboard below provided courtesy of the Delaware Division of Health.

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