Newark and New Castle-Bear areas have largest concentration of coronavirus cases


blankThe latest zip code map from the Delaware Department of Health and Social Service shows that the highest concentration of coronavirus cases is now in the Newark area. A second hotspot is along the Delaware River in the New Castle area, extending into Bear and the Route 40 corridor.

However, dark red areas that show a large number of cases have appeared in all three counties after being nonexistent less than a month ago.

DHSS rolled out the maps as Delawareans in some areas, some not believing the virus was present, failed to practice social distancing and other practices that can limit the spread of the disease.

COVID-19 has now moved into the community spread phase after first being confined to a small cluster in the Newark area.

“This is the evidence, Delawareans: Please stay home except for working in an essential job, or going grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions or going to the doctor,” DHSS commented in a social media post.

A few lightly populated zip codes are not included, due to privacy concerns.

The total number of coronavirus cases has increased to more than 1,100.

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