Beebe Healthcare updates list of needed items that include respirators


Beebe Health care is updating its  listing of needed medical items.

Beebe Healthcare has also launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund for monetary donations. The health care system also needs of items like personal protective equipment or other medical supplies to be used to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), especially if a spike in cases occurs.

Emergency funding will directly support the charitable mission of the Beebe Healthcare system. These funds will be used to help purchase medical equipment, supplies, and costs directly associated with patient care.

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to unfold, needs may increase or change. Members of the community looking to donate a monetary amount can visit

Needed items (list is subject to change)

  • Unused face and surgical masks, especially N95 masks
  • Eye protectors: safety goggles, safety glasses, clear face shields
  • Surgical and medical gloves
  • Medical garb, suits, scrubs, and isolation gowns
  • Cleaning and sanitizer solutions (such as alcohol wipes/pads, bleach wipes, sanitizing wipes)
  • Hand sanitizer, including hand sanitizer bottles/pumps/spray bottles
  • Brown paper bags and lunch bags
  • Alternative respirators that OSHA has given permission to use in healthcare settings during this historic pandemic.

There is a great demand for many of the items listed above. We will be ensuring that all donated items meet the proper safety standards to ensure the safety of our team members and patients. If you have questions about proper materials, please reach out to 302-645-3337 or email before donating or creating these materials. We will be sharing guidelines soon.

Who to Contact to Donate:

Donations of items or food: Contact Kim Blanch at or call 302-645-3337. Monetary Donation: Contact the Beebe Medical Foundation at 302-644-2900 or