Updated: Auto dealers, gun shops, dog daycares now classified as ‘essential’


Auto dealers and gun stores  can now see customers by appointment and dog daycare centers can reopen under a revision of “essential businesses” under Gov. John Carney’s emergency order.

The changes came under an appeals process that was part of the order that became effective earlier this week. Carney had earlier order the closing of restaurants for services other than takeout.

Auto dealers had been ordered to close their showrooms, although their service centers could stay in operation.

Dog  daycare centers are reopening under conditions that include staff picking up animals outside the building with leashes and collars sanitized.

Dog daycares typically offer daytime services that include play and nap time, along with boarding services.

By contrast, animal hospitals, considered essential for obvious reasons, also offer boarding services.

Delaware Division of Small Business spokesman Michael Cheney said a revised list will be forthcoming.

WBOC and other media outlets reported gunshops are now able to see a limited number of customers by appointment only.

Owners defied the order, claiming the businesses had a constitutional right to remain open so they can provide firearms needed to protect homes. They were reportedly given cease and desist orders. 

Gun control advocates say the businesses should remain closed.

The essential-nonessential designation led to controversy, since florists, liquor stores and other merchants were deemed essential, while other services were not.

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