Top trending: Apple temporarily closes Christiana Mall store as tech giant shutters all locations outside China


One of the key retailers at Christiana Mall will close its doors until March 27.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that all Apple Store locations outside China will close, due to concerns over coronavirus. The pandemic in China, the source of the virus, has eased after the nation took extreme measures.

The store is a major traffic magnet for Christiana Mall and even attracts busloads of customers, thanks to Delaware’s lack of a sales tax. 

At peak times, a limited number of those patrons are let into the store.

At nearly all times, the store can have scores of customers and staff in the selling area.

Delaware has stopped short of ordering the closing of “non-essential retailers,” with Christiana Mall remaining open.

That is not the case in adjacent counties in Pennsylvania, where retailers other than grocery and pharmacy stores have been closing their doors under an advisory from Gov. Tom Wolf.

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