From UDaily: Engineering grads put education, skills to work in running brewery

Jimmy (left) and Dan Vennard are brothers and UD alumni who started the Autumn Arch brewery in Newark.

By Artika Casini, Photos by Kathy F. Atkinson

When Blue Hen engineers open a brewery, they do it in true Blue Hen engineering form: analytically, scientifically, and with careful attention to process and detail. 

That’s how brothers and University of Delaware graduates Jimmy and Daniel Vennard launched Autumn Arch Beer Project, a five-barrel  brewery south of Newark that began in the spring of 2019 and aims to corner Delaware’s sour beer market. The brewery opened in April in the Pencader industrial park in a  5,400-square-foot space. quickly filled with fans.

The idea first came to him after a 2015 trip to Asheville, a city renowned for its craft breweries and an inspiration for the Vennards, who sought to replicate the breezy North Carolina vibe some 500 miles north.

The two had already experimented with 100-plus homebrews before Jimmy returned and, with Daniel’s help, put together a business plan. They wanted to create something local, authentic and “funky,” a nod to the tart, trendy beers that most excited the duo.

They also wanted to reflect their personal connection, choosing the name Autumn Arch after the Pennsylvania rock climbing spot where they first bonded as adults.

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