Class-action suit filed after Wawa reports malware capable of capturing credit, debt card numbers


A class-action lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia after Wawa Inc. reported a data breach at its stores.

Wawa reported that the company found malware on its computer system that was capable of capturing credit card numbers of customers who used its point of sale terminals.



The malware could have affected all point of sale terminals and gas pumps throughout the Wawa system, which includes stores in the Mid-Atlantic region and Florida.

The company said it did not have any evidence that the malware was used to gain access to credit and debit cards, which would require additional security such as pin numbers.

In apologizing to customers, Wawa advised those affected to check or any unauthorized transactions.

The suit was filed by Jennifer Cohen on Dec. 20, shortly after Wawa released a statement on the incident.

Class action suits are commonplace when data breaches occur. If a settlement is reached, plaintiffs typically have to fill out paperwork to receive any proceeds, with much of the settlement going to legal costs.

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Wawa found malware with ability to capture credit, debit card numbers

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