Trending: DuPont has no plans for campaign against ‘Dark Waters’ film: From WHYY


DuPont has no plans for a public campaign against a movie nearing its release date.

Executive Chairman Ed Breen, says the film Dark Waters does not have “true materials.”

Breen did say that the company has lawyers looking into the movie, which centers on the work of a lawyer who represents individuals living around the company’s Washington Works in West Virginia.

The plant is near the Ohio River and produced PFOA chemicals used in Teflon coatings. The chemicals have made their way into the nation’s water supply.

The chemicals have since been altered, but their presence remains in the water, with their impact remaining the subject of controversy.

The work of lawyer Rob Bilott was the topic of a New York Times Magazine story that became the inspiration for the movie. Bilott took on a case involving a farmer who lost 100 cows.

Stars in the movie are Mark Ruffalo as attorney Rob Bilott, with Anne Hathaway playing his wife.

Click here for the story from WHYY.

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