Trending: Route 141 interchange project gets under way on Wednesday night


As reported previously by Delaware Business Now, work gets underway next week on a major project on Route 141 with a two-year time frame.

Work begins on the first ramp projects at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 21,and continues until late October, depending on the weather.

As part of continuing Route 141 improvements, DelDOT announced that the Route 141 southbound ramp to I-95 southbound and the I-95 southbound ramp to Route 141 will close for reconstruction as part of the Route 141/I-95 Interchange to Jay Drive Project.

Improvements include:

  • Reconstruction of six interchange ramps
  • Construction of two new Route 141 bridges over I-95 southbound
  • Constructing an additional left-turn lane from Commons Boulevard to Route 141 northbound
  • Constructing additional Route 141 through lanes at the Commons Boulevard intersection
  • Pedestrian and transit infrastructure improvements
  • Pavement reconstruction and drainage improvements

The project is estimated to be completed in spring 2022. The contractor is the Richard E. Pierson Construction Company. The contractor submitted a bid of $69,915,319.13, the lowest of two bids received.

Message boards and detour routes will be posted.

Route 141, a key north-south route off I-95, has seen many projects and long-running traffic back-ups in recent years. The north endsaw a widening project and the south end undergoing bridge and road construction.

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