Governor signs early voting bill


Gov. John Carney Sunday night  signed a bill that will establish early voting in the state, but not in time for the presidential election in 2020.

The legislation passed both the House and Senate by lopsided margins. The bill had some bipartisan support, with some Republicans voting against it. Opponents claimed early voting will increase the potential for fraud.

Delaware joins nearly three dozen states that have some form of early voting.

This Act establishes in-person early voting in Delaware beginning January 1, 2022.

Registered voters will be allowed to vote in-person during at least 10 days before an election, up to and including the Saturday and Sunday immediately before the election at locations determined by the State Election Commissioner.


This act also gives the State Election Commissioner the power to determine whether such voting should occur by voting machine or paper ballot.

All other procedures relating to conducting voting are the same as for general election voting.

The act requires that for statewide elections there must be at least one in-person polling place in each county, and an additional location in the City of Wilmington.