Chesapeake opens ‘green’ natural gas vehicle  fueling stop in Dover

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blankChesapeake Utilities and its Sharp Energy business held a summit this week on “green” fleet management in the region.

The event will be highlighted by a ribbon cutting of the Chesapeake Utilities compressed natural gas (CNG) public fueling station.

The ceremony was followed by a morning of presentations from federal and state public officials on fleet transitions in Delaware to natural gas and other options and alternative fuel corridors.

Available grant programs for converting vehicles were also reviewed.

The event was held at the company’s new campus in Dover.

The utility and the State of Delaware have been promoting the use of alternatives to diesel and gasoline that can contribute to cleaner air conditions.

blankThe supply of natural gas that can be the basis of alternative fuels has been increasing, due to the discovery of massive reserves in neighboring Pennsylvania.

Not all in the environmental community are supportive of the fuel option, due to concerns about the “fracking” process that extracts natural gas.

Chesapeake has seen accelerated growth as natural gas becomes more competitive as a source of heating fuel.

The company serves approximately 240,000 customers in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Southeast with natural gas, propane or electricity. Further information about Chesapeake Utilities Corporation’s businesses is available at or through our Investor Relations App.

Chesapeake Utilities, the corporation’s Delmarva natural gas distribution operation, serves approximately 79,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Delaware and Maryland.

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