Canes still rule in Delaware ranking of top Christmas Christmas candy

0 reports that candy canes rank as the most popular holiday offering in Delaware, followed by Reindeer Corn and Hershey’s Kisses.

Source: wholesaler reported the following trends:

  • – Last year, Reese’s Cup Minis, a popular seasonal member of the Reese’s peanut butter cup lineup, took the top spot in just 3 states. Reese’s Pieces’ count remained at one state, though it changed from Maryland to Montana.
  • Reindeer corn (candy corn) is another big mover in 2018, finishing in the top 3 in 13 different states. Last year, it showed up 3 times total Michigan and Alabama have been on the reindeer corn train for several years now.

Holiday candy remains a big business.

The National Retail Federation has said that holiday sales will go up by 4.1% this year. That puts total holiday candy sales over $2 billion, using the National Confectionary Association’s $1.93 Billion estimate from 2017.

The National Retail Federation projects that the average consumer will spend about $108 on candy and food, which is about twice as much as they’ll spend on decorations and five times what they’ll spend on flowers and potted plants.

See state rankings below:


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