5 UD professors get funding for early-stage research

University of Delaware photo

Five University of Delaware professors have won support for promising early-phase research projects in widely diverse areas.

The new awards from the University of Delaware Research Foundation – give researchers traction in the early stages of projects that support the strategic initiatives of the University, allowing them to develop ideas and build a stronger foundation for future studies.

The money – totaling almost $250,000 this year – comes from the University of Delaware Research Foundation, with smaller matching sums from the University’s Research Office, the dean of the researcher’s college and the Provost’s Office.

Award winners and their respective departments include Joseph Feser (mechanical engineering), Jason Gleghorn (biomedical engineering), Dominique Guillot (mathematical sciences), Zhenghan Qi (linguistics and cognitive science) and Bingjun Xu (chemical and biomolecular engineering). Each researcher is teamed with a tenured faculty member who acts as a mentor and provides guidance for the work.

The projects include efforts to harvest previously wasted thermal energy, study language development in people with autism disorders, pursue new applications of established theories in data science, understand vascular tissue development and the thermal properties of certain hybrid materials.


Sixteen proposals were considered for this round of awards, according to Leigh Botner, research development director in UD’s Research Office. A call for proposals for the next round of awards will be made in late April or early May, she said. A workshop will follow in May, with proposals due in late August or early September.

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