Bike shop  story tops list


The most viewed post on our website during the past week does not center on crime or traffic crashes (not that we cover scanner news very often).

The short post is about long-time bike shop Wooden Wheels closing its doors.

Wooden Wheels was the only independently owned bike shop in the City of Newark, with Trek buying up the small Bike Line chain not too long ago.

Many bike shops operate out of love for the past-time. It’s hard to make a buck or two and the relatively recent arrival of REI near Christiana Mall offered another option for enthusiasts.


The good news and the reason the post got a lot of traffic is the effort by former employees to open a bike shop.

They set up. A GoFundMe site and so far they are close to the halfway point in reaching a $20,000 goal.

Newark has lots of options for bicyclists, including a trail that ran near the Wooden Wheels shop and a shop is a good option.

If interested in making a contribution, click on the GoFundMe link in the story link above.

We’ll be back tomorrow. – Doug Rainey, publisher.

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