Highmark reports growth in heath care sign-ups


HighmarkDE_Pr_2cHighmark Inc. reported  individuals continue to choose the  health care  insurer for their coverage both on and off the federal marketplace in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware.

Highmark is one of two large health insurers in Delaware.

Enrollments are as follows:

– Pennsylvania: 108,390 total with 74,006 on-exchange and 34,384 off-exchange

– West Virginia: 14,980 total with 10,970 on-exchange and 4,010 off-exchange

– Delaware: 9,244 total with 6,521 on-exchange and 2,723 off-exchange Highmark reported  seeing a “significant” percentage of new members, who were previously uninsured or had insurance with a competitor.

– Pennsylvania: 53 percent new members

– West Virginia: 66 percent new members

– Delaware: 70 percent new members


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