Newark parking pilot program adds loading zone spots after 4 p.m.


The City of Newark has placed five new parking meters in the loading zone in front of the Galleria at 45 East Main Street in a pilot program that adds available parking spaces downtown. The program allows parking in loading zones after normal delivery hours of 1 a.m.. to 4 p.m. when the loading zone would be used by delivery trucks.

Parking meters in the loading zone are painted green to  differentiate them from the rest of the parking meters on Main Street. The meter “sleeps” between the hours of  1  a.m. and 4  p.m. If  someone parks in the spot before 4  p.m.,  the meter will not register their payment since parking is not permitted during that time. Also, the meters  will have signs posted on either side of the loading zone, on the meter, and inside the meter.

The pilot program is in effect until the end of the year when it will be evaluated. If successful, loading zone parking meters will be added in additional loading zones on Main Street. The project has the potential to add 22-25 meters to the inventory for evening use.

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