Analysis: Business owner Valenzuela now under the microscope


It had to happen. As Milford business owner and candidate for Lt. Governor   Sherri Valenzuela prepares for a speech at the Republican National Convention,  the liberal blogosphere is taking notice.

Valenzuela appears to be part of a GOP convention story line about hard-working  business owners surviving the  Obama administration. That  caught the attention of the  Huffington Post and liberal blog  ThinkProgress.

The piece from ThinkProgress   provides a detailed account of  how First State Manufacturing,  the Milford industrial upholstery company owned by Valenzuela, her husband Eli and partner Ashley Wolfe. First State was  built with the help of federal contacts and  federal Small Business Administration financing.


The author  had plenty to work with, thanks in part to the  First State owners  being named the 2012 Small Business Persons of the Year for Delaware by the Small Business Administration.

The point seems to be that  First State is the type of business President Obama talked about a while ago. At the  time, he  drew heated criticism   from Fox News  and others  suggesting that the economic environment is aided by government.

ThinkProgress ends up missing on key  point in its lengthy piece, while managing to take a few shots at Fox News, which has been more than willing to take Obama to task for his remark.

Doing  business with the federal government is  difficult for small businesses.  Competition is brutal and specifications can be tricky to meet   especially in the current economy. More than a few companies have fallen by the wayside over the years.

Valenzuela deserves  time in the spotlight  for doing what it takes to build a sound business. The convention  speech will be an opportunity  to tell that story. It will be worth watching  just to see if the federal government gets any praise. – Doug Rainey