From WHYY: Delaware economy faces challenge with more job openings than workers seeking employment


By Johnny Perez-Gonzalez

Delaware’s economy has seen significant improvement since 2017, when Gov. John Carney first took office.

And while Delaware’s economy has improved since then, the current state of affairs offers a different set of challenges. That includes a growing number of job openings, but fewer workers looking for work.

“Right now, there are 31,000 jobs available, but only 21,000 people are looking for work,” Carney said during his State of the State address last month.

To address these challenges and maintain economic momentum, Delaware Business Roundtable created the 2024 Delaware Investment Agenda.


Their blueprint points to the increasing population of seniors moving to Delaware for its affordability and amenities as one reason for the low labor rate. Although this trend is beneficial for the local economy, it presents challenges in workforce availability for employers, which is becoming more evident.

Child care is another major issue, causing millions of dollars in lost earnings and revenue yearly.

Roundtable Director Robert Perkins said the state also needs to invest in early childhood education “to increase access and improve outcomes for children and in the state.”

Part of the talent and workforce recommendation also involves making housing more affordable.

“Delaware has challenges as many other states do in affordable housing,” Perkins said. “It’s a huge barrier and impediment to employment.”

Currently, the Delaware General Assembly is considering six pieces of legislation designed to make housing more affordable.

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