My take: Fund-raising news a reflection of money-driven political landscape


My take: Campaign fund-raising news a reflection of a money-driven political landscape

It used to be that campaign fund-raising was a touchy subject.

Not anymore.

This week, the (Matt) Meyer for Governor campaign reported a $2 million war chest. The campaign reported 5,000 contributions, about 80% of that figure from Delaware sources for the New Castle County Executive.

According to the release, that’s nearly double the funds raised by other candidates in the race. The other announced hopeful is Lt. Governor Bethany Hall-Long. Former DNREC Secretary Colin O’Mara is considering jumping into the race, lending his campaign three-quarters of a million dollars.


The term-limited New Castle County Executive needs the funds to improve his name recognition, which fades fast once you get past Duck Creek, the Smyrna-area boundary with Kent County. He also faces a likable candidate in Hall-Long, a nurse-educator who has struggled with campaign finance issues but has a name recognition.

“This overwhelming show of support from the people of Delaware speaks volumes about the trust and confidence voters have in Matt to lead our state forward with integrity and transparency,” the release noted.

Whatever the outcome, it shapes up to be the most expensive governor’s race in history, especially considering that Republicans have not yet endorsed a candidate.

If you do the population math, millions of dollars raised this early in the game is equivalent to $36 million in Pennsylvania or $18 million in Maryland.

Call me old-fashioned, but this much money floating around and the humble bragging that accompanies the news makes me nerevous. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.