Wilmington Airport: Parking spots may be few over the holidays


Wilmington Airport (ILG) is advising passengers that parking may not be available for those taking Christmas Eve flights.

A social media post said that even the remote lot (C) is at or near full capacity. No other parking is available at the airport. Earlier this year, the airport manager, the Delaware River and Bay Authority reopened the remote lot that was closed when Frontier Airlines cut flights eight years ago.

The post advised passengers to use public transportation, get rides from family or friends, or use a ride-share service (Uber-Lyft) to get to the airport on Dupont Highway, New Castle.

Spaces could open up as passengers return, but there are no guarantees, the airport advised, adding that the number of available spaces is listed for A and B (here).

Update: As of Dec. 27, about 30 spaces were available in the A and B lots..


A post from the airport indicated that work on additional parking will get underway.

Parking may be less of a problem early next year as flights to non-Florida destinations and Daytona Beach are suspended for reasons that include scheduled maintenance for the airline’s jets and a delivery on new (to Avelo) aircraft.

Despite the looming service cuts, Avelo has seen more than 200,000 passengers travel to and from the airport as of November.

The airport charges $9.50 a day for two lots near the terminal and $7 a day for the remote lots, which are within walking distance. Shuttle service from the lot is offered at peak periods.