Gas prices continue to move toward $3 a gallon mark


Delaware’s gas price average moved within a few pennies of the $3 mark as of Thursday

There are now thousands of gas stations selling regular below $3 a gallon and even a few that have dipped below $2,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “We still need to watch global events for the effect on oil prices, but for now, drivers will benefit from falling prices with every visit to the pump.” 

Sussex County had the lowest gas prices among the state’s three counties.

The price at the pump fell to as low as $2.82 (cash only) at an independent station in Middletown.

Helping to drive down prices in the Newark area was a gas war of sorts in neighboring Cecil County.


Wawa rival Sheetz recently opened entered a crowded market with a station-store in Elkton, MD and gas prices have stayed below the $3 a gallon mark.

Nearby Delaware stations lowered their prices in response with sub-$3-a-gallon signs as of Thursday, even at price leaders like Wawa and Royal Farms. The prices in the Elkton area were below $3 even though its gas tax is nearly a quarter a gallon higher than the Delaware figure.

Driving the price decline are lower crude oil prices. As of Thursday, crude was trading at $77 a barrel, despite predictions of $100 a barrel, due to the war in the Middle East. The price was up a couple of dollars from a day ago, with analysts predicting volatility, especially if Israel’s enemies widen the war.

Delaware gas prices

Current Avg.$3.029$3.557$3.873$4.183
Yesterday Avg.$3.031$3.569$3.851$4.190
Week Ago Avg.$3.119$3.661$3.964$4.266
Month Ago Avg.$3.224$3.768$4.064$4.257
Year Ago Avg.$3.880$4.279$4.556$5.910
From AAA