$3 a gallon regular gas on the way out?


Three-dollar-gallon gas may be short-lived in Delaware.

Gas prices inched upward as Wawa, Royal Farms, and others raised the cost of regular to $3.10 a gallon, up a few pennies from Monday.

As of Tuesday, AAA reported the price for regular was nearly $3 a gallon, with that figure expected to rise in the coming days.

Crude oil prices have risen above the $75 a barrel mark., with western New Castle County seeing a cooling down of a gas war in neighboring Elkton, MD, following the entry of Wawa competitor Sheetz.

Regular in Maryland had been selling below $3 a gallon in many locations, even though the state’s gas tax is nearly a quarter higher than in Delaware.


Gas below $3 a gallon was available in Delaware in some locations. The price leader appeared to be the Costco membership club near Christiana Mall, which posted a price below $2.80 a gallon.

Higher gas prices might also result from upcoming Thanksgiving travel with many Delawareans filling their tanks for a trip to friends and family members.

Delaware gas prices

Current Avg.$2.977$3.521$3.805$4.068
Yesterday Avg.$2.962$3.540$3.811$4.094
Week Ago Avg.$3.056$3.609$3.917$4.198
Month Ago Avg.$3.083$3.628$3.943$4.171
Year Ago Avg.$3.806$4.249$4.542$5.951
From AAA