My take: No scooters for you


Last week, I watched the movie “Old Dads” on Netflix.The film featured three unreformed guys in their 50s facing a world of political correctness, especially at a southern California preschool where the tuition was so steep that they sold their business.

The lead character, dealing with anger management issues, raged at many things, including a power scooter rider hogging the streets and running stop signs.

But in a key scene in the dark comedy, the three 50-somethings grabbed scooters after their ride-share driver got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital’s maternity ward.

Such a scene would be illegal in the state of Delaware, according to a recent social media post from the Newark PD and the following from the state DMV. Bottom line – power scooters and similar modes of transport are illegal anywhere other than your driveway, warning that using the wheeled transport can result in fines or confiscation.

That led to questions on whether the growing number of powered bicycles were illegal and the wisdom of banning something that can get you from point A to point B without burning gas.


It turns out that Delaware is one of the few states that bans power scooters, although enforcement can be sporadic, according to a post from a law firm. In the state where the movie took place, scooter riders need a driver’s license, but no bans are in place.

Clearly, Delaware has a blind spot when it comes to the issue of getting around if the bus stop is a mile or more away and enforcing outdated laws that came in response to inconvenienced motorists more than safety issues. In some cases, such gear can allow commuters to use the bus, even if their place of employment is a few miles away. A post making the case for power scooters as an alternative to a short commute or a long walk from the bus can be found here.

In my neighborhood, I saw one younger guy with a backpack use the power scooter to pick up items at the grocery store. He made responsible use of the sidewalk and highway. I hope his scooter was not confiscated.

Granted, there are dangers in riding a skateboard or scooter. But wouldn’t it be better for the environment if this mode of transportation keeps a car off the road? And in towns with bike lanes, an even stronger case can be made for this mode of transportation.

Then again, I don’t know if the old guys in the movie would feel the same way once their wild ride to the hospital ended. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.