Food and drink update: Is Wawa pizza that bad?


As noted earlier, food snobs at Philadelphia Magazine and elsewhere offered scathing commentary on Wawa’s pizza offering. Other sites piled on, perhaps knowing that negative reviews get clicks. Here are the results of a recent Google search.

But what does the man or woman on the street think?

The Billy Penn website bought a pie and asked Philly residents to offer their observations.

The verdict – Wawa pizza was surprisingly good, especially the cheese. The crust got lower marks.

A Wawa pie was seen as a decent choice for a nighttime run. The 1,000-store chain offers pizza into the early morning hours.


As noted earlier, we ordered a pizza a couple of times from a Delaware store, and the quality ranged from OK to pretty good. One quibble was excess cheese – not usually a problem when you don’t pay for that extra topping.

Then again, we had the opinion of a faithful Business Now reader who said the pizza was beyond terrible.

As stated earlier, I think the key to almost any pizza is the person making the pie. We may have lucked out and gotten someone who knew their stuff.

That may not be the case in some of the stores that offer pizza.

One piece of advice might be to keep it simple and not pile on toppings, given the issues with the crust.

Ultimately, the marketplace, not columnists or bloggers will determine the fate of the pizza.

Wawa has tried twice before to offer pizza and returned to the drawing board. We’ll see if it happens again.

In the meantime, support your locally-owned pizza place. In many if not most, cases, its pizzas are better than the offerings from the Goose. If your favorite place is closed, a Wawa run is an option. – Doug Rainey