Gas prices down slightly as refiners switch to cheaper winter blends


Gas prices in Delaware fell about four cents during the past week. as refineries switch to less expensive winter blends.

However, the price at the pump was about 16 cents cents lower than the same period a month ago.

Independent gas stations in Middletown had the lowest prices at the pump, with one station coming in at $3.41 a gallon for a cash purchase as of Thursday night.

Current Avg.$3.598$4.096$4.410$4.524
Yesterday Avg.$3.634$4.134$4.436$4.551
Week Ago Avg.$3.662$4.150$4.444$4.529
Month Ago Avg.$3.762$4.257$4.549$4.269
Year Ago Avg.$3.297$3.792$4.063$4.620
From AAA

The national average for a gallon of gas hit what may be 2023’s peak price of $3.88 earlier this week, only to slide a few cents in the following days. 

 “The recent drop in the national average, while small, is fairly typical this time of year as much of the country makes the switch to less expensive winter blend gasoline,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “But the gradual seasonal decline in pump prices is being slowed by higher oil costs, hovering around $90 a barrel.” 


According to new data from the Energy Information Administration gas demand rose slightly from 8.31 to 8.41 million barrels a day last week.

Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks declined slightly from 220.3 to 219.5 million barrels. Higher gas demand and tighter supplies contributed to elevated pump prices, but oil staying around $90 a barrel continued to steer the price increases.

Prices at the pump in your neighborhood can be found on AAA’s Fuel Finder.