County Police report two separate incidents near Biden home


New Castle County reported two unrelated incidents on Sunday around the security checkpoint on Barley Mill Road, near President Biden’s home.

In an incident that made national news, an officer found a protester near Centerville Road and Barley Mill Road. The officer talked to the man who said he he was exercising.  The man continued to walk on Barley Mill Road and approached the security checkpoint at the intersection of Fairthorne Avenue and Barley Mill Road. 

The officer told the man he could not impede the flow of traffic and should move to the opposite side of the road but was free to protest. The man did not breach the security checkpoint.

The president spent the weekend at his home before leaving for New York City on Sunday.

Photos from the press pool outside the Biden home showed the protester with a holster carrying a sign that mentioned the president and his son Hunter. The county release made no mention of a firearm. Openly carrying a weapon is legal in Delaware and guns are often seen at protests.

At 8 a.m, an officer was working at a stationary traffic control post at the intersection of North Buckridge Drive and Barley Mill Road and saw a stalled silver Hyundai in the middle of the road.

The officer saw two individuals in ski masks exit the car through the passenger side window and attempt to push the car. The officer along with a United States Secret Service Agent approached the vehicle when the individuals entered the vehicle through the same passenger side window.

They fled in the vehicle onto North Buckridge Drive, a dead end.  Shortly after entering the dead end, the car exited North Buckridge Drive and turned onto Barley Mill Road towards Centerville Road. 

Officers wentto the area believing the vehicle had been stolen.  At about 8:45 a.m., officers learned two males matching the description of the suspects in the silver Hyundai were attempting to break into a car in the Brandywine Springs parkland. 

Both fled on foot into the woods leaving behind their vehicle. After a lengthy K-9 track, officers found two teens, a 14-year-old from Philadelphia 17-year-old from Wilmington. Both teens face numerous charges.