Food & Drink: Roja & Verde coming to Newark; DE Slider reopens; Capriotti’s offers NY chopped cheese sandwich


DE Slider Co. has reopened after closing for a month for renovations.

The restaurant on 10th Street in downtown Wilmington offers versions of the mini-sandwich ranging from vegan to cheese streak proteins and toppings. Also offered are adult beverages, along with a happy hour. It has not seen the buzz that has surrounded the downtown dining scene.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday.

Roja and Verde opening approaches

Opening this fall is Roja & Verde, a taqueria and the latest venture of Drip Cafe owner Greg Vogeley. He is opening the eatery next to his Newark location. The original Drip Cafe is located in Hockessin.


Newark has no shortage of Mexican food spots. However, Roja & Verde (a name that comes out of the red and green sauces that accompany Mexican Food dishes) will feature freshly made tortillas. That’s not commonplace in these parts.

The restaurant is also a reflection of the talented chefs and cooks with Latiex roots who are making a big impact on the restaurant scene. Drip Cafe has added a couple of Mexican food offerings to its menu over the years.

Vogeley emerged as a champion of the Delaware restaurant industry as it battled through the Covid-19 pandemic. A focus on high-quality coffee that contributed to the success of the Hockessin location, led to a roasting company under the Drip umbrella

Carpriotti’s offers chopped cheese sandwich

According to a recent survey, 71% of Americans have never tasted a Chopped Cheese sandwich.

That did not stop Capriotti’s, best known for specialty subs and cheese steaks, from offering the NYC favorite at all locations.

Capriotti’s will have NY Chopped Cheese on its menu through October.

Made with chopped ground beef, melted American cheese and grilled onions served on a toasted roll then topped with mayo, ketchup, lettuce and tomatoes. It’s popularity is mainly confined to the New York City metro area Capriotti’s describes it as “kind of cheesesteak, kind of burger.” A close relative is the cheeseburger sub, a popular offering at Gus & Gus on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk.

“We’re incredibly excited to be one of the first to bring this iconic sandwich to such a large audience,” said Ashley Morris, CEO of Capriotti’s. “Our version of this beloved sandwich will fit perfectly into our extensive menu of extraordinary sandwiches, and we could not be more ecstatic to be many customers’ introduction to something that has been warming hearts and filling bellies in the Northeast for decades.”

Capriotti’s is likely to tap into the market for regional “sammich” favorites as it builds a national footprint that is well on its way toward 200 locations coast to coast.

Capriotti’s was founded in the 1970s when the family opened a location on Union Street in Wilmington’s Litle Italy. The co-founder moved to Las Vegas, with a franchisee in the gambling mecca buying the company.

The company has added Wing Zone to its franchise options. The chicken wing specialist has about 30 locations, none yet in Delaware.

Let us know if you have checked out a Chopped Cheese.