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Updated: Delaware gas price hits record $4.11 a gallon

Updated: Delaware gas price hits record $4.11 a gallon

The average gas price in Delaware rose approached  $4.11  a gallon as Russia continues bombing and lobbing shells into Ukrainian cities. Price leaders Wawa and Royal Farms boosted their prices at many locations to $4.26 a gallon.

The previous record that saw gas soar above $4 gallon occurred during a brief price spike in 2008. Delaware hit the $4 mark on the average price at the pump on Sunday.“The effects of Russia invading Ukraine, coupled with tight worldwide oil supplies and increased demand, continue to impact the upward climb of crude oil and, in turn, gas prices,” Jana Tidwell, spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic stated in a Sunday release  “Motorists are feeling the pain at the pump and we’re still months away from the start of the peak summer driving season.”


Current Avg.$4.108$4.358$4.588$4.572
Yesterday Avg.$4.001$4.285$4.528$4.488
Week Ago Avg.$3.603$3.961$4.212$4.006
Month Ago Avg.$3.385$3.742$3.993$3.810
Year Ago Avg.$2.714$3.077$3.300$3.006
From AAA

Major oil companies are exiting Russia and technology sanctions over the long term are likely to cut production.


On Monday, AAA’s Fuel Price Finder showed the impact of the soaring price of crude oil. 

One of the holdouts on $4 a gallon gas,  the Costco membership store near Christiana Mall, southeast of Newark, was selling regular unleaded at $3.96 a gallon on Monday, up sharply from  $3.74 a gallon on Sunday.

The Gas Buddy website’s list of the 10 stations with the lowest prices showed two stations in Middletown selling regular at $3.89 a gallon. The actual price is usually a penny higher as the site rounds down the per gallon figure. Gas Buddy uses crowdsourcing from users for its listings and prices can be out of date. The site does list the time and date of the last update for a specific station.