Delaware hospitals seek volunteers to ease staffing challenge


The Delaware Healthcare Association is calling for volunteers to sign-up to provide staffi support for Delaware hospitals at during the current Covid-19 surge.

The new online sign-up form is intended for those willing to commit to two or more shifts of work per week at a local Delaware hospital to help fill clinical and non-clinical support roles to help alleviate staffing challenges.

The long-running staff shortage was made worse by the Omicron variant, which led to hospitals operating over capacity.

“In times of crisis, Americans have always come forward and pitched in,” said Wayne Smith,  CEO of the Delaware Healthcare Association. “The hour of need is upon us.  Delaware hospitals need your help to meet the great challenge that visits us and must be met.”

The Delaware Healthcare Association  is looking for volunteers who may have prior health care experience as well volunteers from the general public who may be able to fill non-clinical support roles, such as assisting with patient registration, answering phones, cleaning rooms or delivering supplies. 


The online sign-up form provides volunteers with different options, including which type of clinical or non-clinical role they would be able to fill, as well as the amount of time they can give.

DHA is pushing the volunteer sign-up site out through social media and is working with Delaware higher education institutions to direct volunteers to the site. 

After volunteers complete the online form, DHA will provide hospitals with the list of volunteers in their county. Volunteers may or may not be contacted by a hospital based on candidate qualifications and hospital need.

DHA asks that candidates not seek a status update once forms are submitted as staffing shortages are affecting all departments and status updates cannot be provided.