Covid-19 update: 2 new deaths and a 7,000 dose surge in vaccinations

Two new deaths from Covid-19  were reported in the Wednesday update from the Delaware Division of Public Health.
The report showed  a vaccination surge with  7,000 doses of vaccine, well above the 2,000 or fewer per day during much of the  the summer.
Below are more detailed vaccination figures from the Division of Public Health. (Delaware’s 2020 Census population is 989,000).
People Vaccinated At Least One Dose Fully Vaccinated
All ages 581,055 542,232
Percentage of people of all ages 60.7% 56.6%
12+ age group 580,988 542,201
Percentage of 12+ age group 70.5% 65.8%
18+ age group 541,943 508,431
Percentage of 18+ age group 71.9% (A) 67.5%
65+ age group 167,496 170,078
Percentage of 65+ age group 96.2% 97.6%
(A) The 71.9% figure is well below federal Centers for Disease Control figure of 79%. The CDC uses different population figures  than the state and includes groups such as out of state residents getting shots in Delaware and the military.
Delaware’s total number of Covid-related deaths now stands 1,977.  Both individuals were from New Castle County, ranged in age from their 60s to 80s and had underlying conditions. Neither had been vaccinated. The state is on track to see more than 2,000 deaths from Covid complications.
The other numbers
• 433 new positive cases, bringing the overall total to 135,695. The seven day average number of new daily cases has remained above 450 in recent weeks, despite a sharp decline in cases linked to the University of Delaware. (See chart at bottom of page). The number of daily cases has dropped below 50 and risen above 1,000 during the pandemic. 
• 7.6% of total tests were positive in the seven-day rolling average, down 0.2% from the previous day).
• 233 current hospitalizations, up two from the previous day,  including 41 individuals in critical condition.
• 13 new hospital admissions, down nine  from the previous day).
• 936 people who tested negative, bringing the total to 704,333
• 542,232 Delawareans fully vaccinated, up 5,783 from the previous day).
• 1,191,982 total vaccine doses administered, up 7,009 from the previous day).
For more data, including breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, ZIP code or census tract level, click here.