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Bidens make quick visit to Delaware; Trip to Delco could come Tuesday

Bidens make quick visit to Delaware;  Trip to  Delco  could  come  Tuesday

President Joe  Biden and First Lady Jill Biden made  a quick trip to Delaware  over the weekend.

The Bidens had no public events scheduled for  Saturday or Sunday after arriving late Friday afternoon.

They departed Sunday night for the White House.


The Daily Times reported the president will visit nearby Delaware County, PA, to highlight the recently signed American Rescue Plan Act. 

The President and Vice President Kamala Harris plan  to travel around the nation to promote the provisions of the $1.9 trillion bill. The bill received no yes votes from GOP senators and House members.

Democrats have launched an advertising campaign promoting the popular legislation that will send $1,400 to most Americans. Republicans continue to hammer away at the bill’s size and the possibility that it will trigger inflation.

On Friday and in keeping with past visits to Delaware,   Route 141 from New Castle Airport was temporarily closed for the motorcade that has grown smaller as the president’s visits home become more frequent.

 Biden addressed the nation on the coronavirus crisis on  Thursday night after singing the Rescue Act.  It marked the first anniversary of the day a pandemic was repaired.

By the end of March, governors in many states had ordered restrictions that led to the closing of restaurants to all but carryout service. Malls and large retail chains not selling groceries closed their doors for a time.

Biden announced that all Americans would be able to join a sign-up list for the Covid-19 vaccine by  May 1, while adding that small family and friends gatherings for July 4th are possible.

The Associated Press has been focusing on  Biden’s trips home, given the continued public health advice against travel. The number of Americans has been rising as case numbers drop and the total number of vaccinations increases.