Application window reopening for small business, nonprofit DE Relief Grants

The Delaware Division of Small Business announced  that the DE Relief Grants portal will begin accepting new applications on Tuesday, Jan. 19 at 10 a.m.
The division also announced that businesses that ended up with higher revenue in 2020 can, for a limited time, repay the grant without interest.
This means small businesses and nonprofit organizations that have not applied in earlier rounds will have the opportunity to apply for this relief program presented by the State of Delaware and New Castle County using federal CARES Act funds.
For those who have already applied for the DE Relief Grants program, the Division of Small Business is continuing to process applications.
Rather than rejecting applications that are incomplete, or otherwise don’t meet the rules for the program, Division of Small Business staff is working with applicants to get their applications to the point where they can be approved, an announcement stated.
Processors will start with applications that need the least help and will move on to those needing more help.
This process means some applications may not be processed within the usual two to three week timeline.
If you submitted an application close to the original Dec. 4 deadline and have not yet heard a response,  it is likely because your application needed additional follow up, the announcement stated.
One of the requirements has been that recipients needed to have experienced a revenue decline in 2020 compared to 2019.
Applicants wo  claimed the grant, but did not experience a revenue decline will be required to pay it back.
An interest penalty will be waived if a business not seeing a revenue drop returns grant funds before Feb. 15.
The forgiveness program applies only to DE Relief Grants, not to the State of Delaware HELP loan program.
For more information about the DE Relief Grants program visit