Covid-19 restrictions were inevitable when virus got out of control


Good afternoon everyone,

During the past week, it became clear that more coronavirus-related restrictions were in the works.

The hammer came down early Thursday night from Gov. John Carney in the form of 10 p.m. restaurant-bar closings, 20 percent occupancy limits for 100,000-square-foot “big box” stores, and the list goes on. The amended order becomes effective Monday morning.

Similar and sometimes more severe measures have been imposed in adjacent states as Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continue to increase.

Delaware also moved to a zero-tolerance policy that fines establishments for the first offense and tougher action, including closings to follow.Until now, the state has taken a lighter touch with warnings the first time around, even though it has been nine months since mask mandates went into effect at all businesses.

Naturally enough, some blowback from those equating public health measures that date back a century with dictatorships, with others latching on to the wave of myths that have spread on social media and sketchy websites.

Our Facebook page and others featured the line – We all know Covid turns bad after 10 p.m.

That sort of logic, while semi-humorous, glosses over the one thing we know about viruses – their love of confined indoor spaces and the tendency of people to let down their guard late at night.

Alcohol is the biggest factor, and establishments ranging from 24-hour Waffle Houses to your local watering hole face their share of bad behavior in the wee hours.

Even with unintended consequences of early closings – unlicensed drinking locations and pop up parties – the rising number of Covid-19 cases made tougher measures inevitable if only to drive home the point that things are getting serious.

Stay careful and enjoy the nice (for late fall) weather. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.

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