Delaware stays in middle of pack in Covid-19 jobless claim decline


Delaware continues to see a slower recovery than its neighbors from the coronavirus pandemic.

The WalletHub website reports that the state ranked 19th in the decline in unemployment claims stemming from the shutdown of schools, businesses, and nonprofits from Covid-19.

Source: WalletHub

Florida, which has been struggling with a surge in cases, ranked 51st. Two other states with a surge in cases, Texas and California, ranked 37th and 40th respectively.

Neighboring Pennsylvania ranked third in the decline of jobless claims, with  Maryland seventh and New Jersey in the 10th spot.


Delaware saw a decline in its June unemployment rate, but ranked 10th from the bottom among the 50 states.

The hospitality industry has seen a sizable loss in jobs, even though the state was quicker to reopen than neighboring New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Delaware saw a slight  increase in advance unemployment claims at 1,809, up from 1,760 a week ago, the U.S. Department of Labor reported. 

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